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2015 Private Eye: A Spotlight on the US Private D&O Market

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Analyzing the Private D&O Market

What is the size of the private directors’ and officers’ (D&O) market in the US? Who are the leading private D&O carriers? What are the buying patterns? What are the emerging issues that keep private company directors up at night? What does an underwriter look for in a good D&O risk?

These questions are answered in this ground-breaking report that looks into the North American D&O insurance market for private and not-for-profit companies. Although much is known and reported on the public company sector in the US, full data and analysis on the private company and not-for-profit sectors remain elusive and – where available – incomplete.

This report casts a spotlight on the North American private company D&O market, using exclusive Advisen data to define the current state of the market and exploring some of the key factors shaping the sector in the coming years.